Spelling Bee


2020 Spelling Bee will be held on Friday Feb. 7th

2 semi-finalists from each grade (2nd-8th) will compete to become the one winner sent from Eman Schools to the Hamilton County Spelling Bee in March 2020


MABROOK to Laila AbuMahfouz- 2nd Place Regionals!


PAST SCHOOL WINNERS Advancing to the Hamilton County Regional Spelling Bee:

2019:  Laila AbuMahfouz (2nd Place Regionals)

2018: Laila Abdelwahab

2017: Adeba Mukul

2016:  Iman Masood (3rd Place Regionals)

2015:  Iman Masood

2014:  Iman Masood

2013:  Tasneem Nada

2012:  Asmaa Mahoui

2011:  Nouha Mitiche

2010:  Amira Nafiseh

2009: Dana Alhaffar

2008:  Irfan Suzali