CIRSEF & SEFI Science Fair 2016

CIRSEF- (1st-5th Grades)

Bassam Afaneh- Creative project design

Adam Kankari-Organization and Clarity

Hala Urabi- Outstanding project in cell biology

Laila AbuMahfouz-Original scientific thought


CIRSEF- (6th-12th Grades)

Raihan Saiffudin- Broadcom Masters Entry & State Science Fair Finalist

Sara Alhaffar- Central Association Microbiology Award

Asmaa Mahoui- State Science Fair Finalist

SEFI (2016)

Asmaa Mahoui-

11th Grade 1st Place- Plaque & $500

INTEL ISEF Finalist-Trip to Arizona in May 2016 & compete at INTEl International Competition

IUPUI Department of Biology Award- Certificate & $100

Women In Lilly Award- Certificate & $100

Young Female Scientific Excellence Award- Certificate & $100