2020- Held @ Wayne State University  Detroit, MI


JSHS- Wayne State 2020

MSTA- Article Page 16


Safiya Sankari- “Using Novel Soil Microbes as a Neonicotinoid Alternative on Popillia japonica Newman Infestations as a Method of Pollinator Protection”.

Placed 1st overall: $2,000  & advances to Nationals in Virginia 4/15-4/18 


Presenters:  Ilhaam Mahoui- “Quantifying Myelin maturation in healthy babies”  

Placed 2nd overall: $1,500 & advances to Nationals in Virginia 4/15-4/18



2019- Held @ St. Marys of the Woods  Terre Haute, IN

Presenters:  Safiya Sankari- “Study and Effects of Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash on Daphnia magna”

5th Place- Advances to JSHS Nationals- Albuquerque, NM