Mabrook to all our hardworking Science Fair Participants. The following students will advance to CIRSEF which will be held at Marian University on March 2, 2019.


4th Grade: Zayd Sheriff, Nuha Munaf & Nura Fareed

5th Grade:  Saleh Bhai, Suphia Jaffery & Hala Urabi

Middle School:  Laila AbuMahfouz, Sanaa Saifuddin, Noor Rimawi, Mariam Morad, Amina Khan and Amal Fareed

High School:  Safiya Sankari, Ilhaam Mahou, Norelimane Bouzar, Manal Hussein, Hadeel Saadeh, Jasmine Abulail, Rahaf AbuRomeh & Nezira Djour

(Parents will be notified with additional items that they MUST fill out and complete prior to be accepted at the Regional Competition.  ALL forms and submissions MUST be complete by February 12, 2019 including submission of abstract, all forms requested and registration.  Students NOT finished by this deadline will be eliminated from the upcoming competition.)