PTA Reflection Winners Announced!

On December 13, 2017, in Services, by Mia Sankari

Mabrook to our Winners!  1st & 2nd Place winners will move on to the State Competition!

Category Place Name Grade Notes
Visual Arts kg-2nd 1st Sara Albared 2nd
2nd Ruaa Garo 2nd
Honorable Mention Muneeza Jaffery 1st
Visual Arts 3rd – 5th 1st Laila Abumahfouz 5th
3nd Adam Awad 4th
Honorable Mention Zainab Sharief 5th
Visual Arts 6th – 8th 1st Faseeha Bashir 8th
2nd Safiya Sankari 8th TV
Honorable Mention Safiya Sankari 8th MLK
Visual Arts 9th – 12th 1st Jawad Ramadan 9th
2nd Amal Rasheed 11th
Honorable Mention Sadia Khatri 9th
Photo Kg- 2nd 1st Ali Daas 1st Face
2nd TJ Oberlander KG
Honorable Mention Ali Daas 1st Table – flowers
Photo 3rd – 5th 1st Laila Abumahfouz 5th Umbrella
2nd Laila Abumahfouz 5th Airplane
Honorable Mention Nuha Munaf 3rd
Photo 6th – 8th 1st Ahmad Aljamal 7th
2nd Jamila Muhammed 7th
Honorable Mention N/A
Photo 9th – 12th 1st Dana Awad 10th
2nd Illham Mahoui 9th
Honorable Mention Yousef Islaih 11th Up-close car
Film 3rd – 5th 1st Sulayman Abaza 5th
Film 9th – 12th 1st Ruba Bakdash 10th Canyon
2nd Ruba Bakdash 10th Home Curiosity
Literature 5th 1st Laila Abumahfouz 5th
2nd Ahona Ali 5th
Honorable Mention Fatima Aljamal 5th
Literature 6th-8th 1st Ayat Elbahlaoui 7th
Literature 9th -12th 1st Judy Arab 9th
2nd Miriam Rimawi 12th